Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bullshit in the air of the night (carta abierta a Johnny Flash)

Dear Johnny Flash,

Blogs are like scissors. Scissors which smoothly find their way into the blogger´s mental big shit, cutting little disgusting pieces of it to show its flavour to everyone. Blogs are the perfect tool for bullshitters. For every son of neighbour who intends to speak out loud about his life which apparently, shall be interesting for other human beings. The fact is people in general don´t give a fuck about it. And they are so damn´ right doing so!

I do write this post in english because it is the very-world-wide- bullshiting language. Its depth when it comes to find out bullshiting fields of expression is so mighty, so state of the art, so trendy...
As Mick Jagger said once: "I know, it´s only bullshiting, but I like it!"

When I opened this blog last week, what I wanted was mainly another way to stay in touch with the people in Madrid and abroad. To draw some drafts (croquis) about life in Paguí so that you guys could get some picture of what is going on with me while I´m out. I think now it is way too ambitious. Moreover, I acknowledged all the dangers behind:

-developing huge pasta-glasses crossing my face like a scar.
-being so snob I could puke
-loosing my intimacy without even being aware of it
-censor-shipping myself, considering there will be people around with who I wouldn´t talk about certain things, or certainly not in the way I use to with some others.

All these are real, and they will remain there in one way or another during my blogo-trip. But somehow I´ve decided: what the hell...

-I´ll post whatever comes by accident into my keyboard, whatever the time and the weather, if I feel it.
-I won´t care too much if I become a big gafapastas on the web, even if it´s hard to realize, yes.
-Sometimes I´ll go Manuchao-style if necessary, what the fuck. That´s an inner feature of blog culture.
-I´ll close my blog if I find myself so so ridiculous that I can´demor, or I can´t stand the crap I´m creating any more . Or maybe I´ll go deeper in that circumstance... We´ll see.

In any case, it can be a good excercise for loosing the fear of making a fool of myself. If I still have some of this stuff in me, something for which, I must admit, I have my doubts over today.

Oh, and ROMAN: I´d like to receive an insult from you from time to time...

Hugs, liebe Johnny!



At 4.9.06, Blogger croquis said...

Mr Flash,
estoy pensando que el colmo del flipe en el tema del blog es comentarse a si mismo, o no?
Un beso y nos vemos a la vuelta de Polonia!

At 5.9.06, Blogger Jhonny Flash said...

Como te rayas y...relajate tio. Sabes, un poco mas a lo Jim Morrison en Wayne's World 2.
Por cierto me compre la semana pasada nuevas gafas. Solo dire que son negras, jajajaja


At 5.9.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

con tal de que sean freski...todo vale...


At 6.9.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi croquis!! You really look like a cocksucker with this blog.
Greetings from tha ghetto.

At 6.9.06, Blogger Cronista Disperso said...

Yeaaaah, man...

Ai sinc yu ar beri beri beri rait in guat yu sai. Yu jaf anactitiud datís beri cul (de sac). Ayam not yused tu grait in inglis, barai jop yu anderstán mi.

Estei dis güei, man.

At 22.9.06, Blogger Jhonny Flash said...

Tio Kuko, no nos informas de tu vida, Kukooooooo


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